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1. The theatre together with its services including the box office, bar and volunteer staff & stewards.

2. Such backstage and technical facilities as have been agreed with the Events Manager & In-House Technicians. It is essential that the technical arrangements are agreed no later than four weeks in advance of the date of the first performance.

3. Adequate insurance to cover the property of Brixham Theatre and their legal liability in respect of accidental bodily injury suffered by members of the public or members of the Visiting Artist.

4. Artist will receive a full box office break down as soon as practicable after the event. Brixham Theatre will pay any monies owed within 7 days of the event.

The Visiting Artist Agrees to the following:

1. To produce at Brixham Theatre, the production referred to in the Contract on the dates and times set out.

2. Where applicable, to ensure that it has the right to perform the production specified in the Contract and to indemnify the Artistic Manager against all claims by the author or owner of the copyrights of the said production. A copy of the performing licence – where applicable must be attached to the contract – PRS return – where applicable – must be completed and handed to the duty manager after the performance.

3. Not to do or suffer to be done on the Brixham Theatre premises or any other accommodation offered by the Events Manager, any act or thing whereby any policy or policies of insurance may be invalidated and at all times to take proper precautions to prevent loss or damage by fire or accident or otherwise.

4. To observe and abide by the provisions of any statutory regulation or order which may be in force with reference to Brixham Theatre and any performances therein.

5. To make good (by paying Brixham Theatre CIO the cost of repair or replacement as the case may be) all damage done to the Arts Centre building by the Visiting Artist and its representatives.

It is mutually agreed that:

1. The Brixham Theatre shall at all times be and remain under the control of the Duty Manager.

2. The Visiting Artist shall be exclusively entitled to the revenue from such merchandise and programmes as they provide and sell themselves within the theatre.

3. The Events Manager reserves the right to hold four house seats and four press seats for each performance.

4. The Visiting Artist shall not alter in any way performance details and ticket prices once booking has opened.

5. No naked lights shall be carried, nor matches used, nor any lighting apparatus be interfered with in the theatre by the Visiting Artist. No combustible or explosive materials shall be brought into the theatre. All inflammable material brought into the theatre shall be made non-inflammable by the Visiting Artist at no cost to the Events Manager. The use of pyrotechnics and special effects is permitted provided a previous arrangement has been made with the Theatre Management and is stored and controlled by a qualified person.

6. No animals, fish or birds shall be brought into the theatre without the consent of the Events Manager.

7. The Events Manager reserves the use of the theatre during the day of the performance, allowing for adequate ‘get in’ time for the Visiting Artist. Any additional rehearsal time shall be charged at appropriate rates.

8. Nothing herein contained shall be construed as in any sense creating a partnership between the Visiting Artist and the Events Manager, or as giving either party any of the rights or rendering them subject to the liabilities of a partner.


If there are performers under the age of 18 in the show you must comply with the legislation and guidance contained in:

* Child performance and activities licensing legislation in England

* Torbay Children's services Children in Entertainment

* Brixham Theatre Safeguarding policy


1. At any time where the Visiting Artist desires to change any of the particulars of the details of this contract or cancel the contract in full the Events Manager reserves the right to levy costs incurred in good faith by Brixham Theatre CIO in respect of promotion of the event i.e. advertising or ticket printing costs or other related costs.

2. Should the Visiting Artist decide to cancel, the following fees will be payable to Brixham Theatre CIO: Less than 12 weeks’ notice - £30 Less than 6 weeks’ notice - £100 Less than 10 days’ notice – £200

3. At any time where both parties agree that cancellation of a performance or circumstances outside the control of either party, the agreement ends and costs are apportioned by mutual agreement.



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